Alpha Xi Delta

Tau at University of New Hampshire

Letter From Membership Vice President

Dear Potential New Members,

My name is Kendra Hooper and I am honored to represent the Tau chapter of Alpha Xi Delta as Membership Vice President. I am super excited to meet and get to know every single one of you!

In thinking about what my chapter means to me, the first word that comes to my mind is friendship. Being a member of a big organization means you get the opportunity to meet and connect with many different types of people. The sisters of Alpha Xi Delta have a remarkable way of making each member feel like a friend, no matter how unique we are from one another. Recruitment is an intimidating process for a lot of people, and Alpha Xi Delta as a chapter wants to ensure that each of you feel confident and welcomed coming into the recruitment season. 

To say the recruitment process always works in an understatement, because you will find the home that’s the best fit for you. My biggest piece of advice for recruitment is to have fun! You will meet so many people in all of the amazing chapters on this campus, but most importantly, you will find your forever home. My recruitment process was so perfect and imperfect at the same time. It challenged me to really think about who I am and what I value not only within myself, but in friendships. Throughout my process, I learned that I value genuineness, honesty, compassion, truth, friendship, and justice. That is me, and we are Alpha Xi Delta.

See you all so soon <3